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Here in ENERG-TEC we project and realize customized energy systems in order to adapt our product to every different situation: different flow rates, drops and energy requests

Immagine FrancisFrancis Turbine

It exploits both the speed and the water pressure.

The field of application varies from 15 to 100 meters high.

The typical spiral form reaches very high efficiency values exploiting vacuum effect.

Power from some tens KW to more than 100 KW.

Immagine KaplanKaplan Turbine

It is the typical propeller turbine that can works with small jumps with large capacities.

Thanks to the adjustment of the blades of the impeller can be adapted to the flow obtaining high returns in the range of adjustment

Immagine banki 2Turbina Banki

Can be used when the drop is inferior to 30 meters and in case of big capacity. Power can be from 1 to 50 Kw

Immagine pelton 1Pelton Turbine

Today it is the most widespread technology to exploit medium- large drops, that is over 50
meters. Power available from 80 watt to 1200 kW . Thanks to the simple construction, they are cheap and with good performances.

Smaller sizes turbine (up to 50KW) are manufactured by innovative material buckets (reinforced thermoplastic) with economic and maintenance advantages.