Energy from water

Here in ENERG-TEC we project and realize customized energy systems in order to adapt our product to every different situation: different flow rates, drops and energy requests

Grazie alla recente disponibilità di generatori elettrici a basso numero di giri oggi è possibile uno sfruttamento idroelettrico dei vecchi mulini a costi contenuti.

La ruota originale potrà essere ristrutturata o ricostruita a seconda delle condizioni attraverso una progettazione più consona alle caratteristiche idrauliche del sito.

L’albero della ruota verrà accoppiato ad un gruppo generatore speciale ad alto numero di poli per sfruttare al meglio il ridotto numero di giri della ruota idraulica e potrà fornire l’energia prodotta per utilizzi in isola o per l’immissione in rete.


Energy from the sun

Energ -tech projects and develops off grid systems for the production of solar energy matching photovoltaic panels, standard or new generation storage systems and electronic devices in order to satisfy the need of electricity in absence of grid both for single and three phase systems.
In addition to the old lead batteries, now in commerce there are lithium and salt batteries that have less weight, volume and a superior number of cycles and capacity.
In all the situations in which the photovoltaic energy can’t be completely used during the day, hybrid systems are the solution. It permits to store part of the energy maintaining the on site exchange. Those systems can be installed in a new or old plant.


  • Regolations devices
  • Control panels
  • Palettes and Pelton wheels
  • Energy wasters
It is possible to control the plants also from distance by smartphone or pc. It is possible to install those devices on:

  • Single phase plant
  • Three phase plant
  • Three phase plants classified as energy factories from UTF
  • Photovoltaic panels
  • Charge regulator
  • Inverter
  • Storage systems